Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018.

 #MYBESTNINE2017 @hellojaimegrant on instagram

#MYBESTNINE2017 @hellojaimegrant on instagram

"You've got a new story to write. And it looks nothing like your past."
-Danielle LaPorte

There's something magical about the first few days of a new year. Everyone is buzzing with hopes for the coming 365, breathing in the pages of blank journals begging to be filled with tales of adventures yet to be had. I, for one, love the feeling of a fresh start. 

The last few years have been filled with the most beautiful, amazing, life changing, heart breaking, near soul crushing life events. But I'm still alive. Still breathing. Still starting each new year with the excitement of new beginnings. 

What's coming will come, and we will meet it when it does.

2018, welcome.

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